Experience Astronaut Training at Kennedy Space Center

There’s a reason we call we it Florida’s Space Coast. The Kennedy Space Center is where astronauts dared to achieve the impossible and great minds worked to make it possible. Visitors can come up close and personal with the Space Shuttle Atlantis, learn about NASA’s space pioneers at the Heroes & Legends Exhibit and undergo a one-of-a-kind experience of training at the Astronaut Training Experience.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of preparation for astronauts to live and work in outer space. They go through intense training to be ready for the conditions in space and on the surface of the red planet; everything from studying the basics about the International Space Station, to becoming scuba certified and learning Russian.

At this very moment, a new class of astronauts are training for exhilarating spacewalks and future space missions – including missions to Mars. And now, you can get a taste of that training for yourself!


At the all-new Astronaut Training Experience at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, you can train to go to Mars and even work for a day on Mars Base 1. This exciting new experience will bring you as close to training, living and working on the Red Planet as possible without ever leaving earth.

Through exciting and immersive simulation technology, you’ll see and feel what it’s like to travel, live and work on Mars. Plus, you’ll face real science and engineering challenges such as harvesting vegetables in the Botany Lab, programing robots to optimize solar energy intake and adapting to the challenges of living in the Martian environment – just like the astronauts!


Two-stage Training

Future space travelers can choose from these two exciting and immersive training experiences:

  • Mars Exploration Simulator Training Stage – Visitors can train to land, drive and walk on the Martian surface through immersive physical and virtual simulators. They’ll take charge of their own mission to Mars, exploring the red planet on foot and navigating the harsh terrain. This 45 minute experience costs $40 per trainee!
  • Spacewalk Training Stage – This 30 minute training stage prepares visitors for an exhilarating space-walk. For $30 per trainee, they’ll experience an Extravehicular Activity spacewalk in a microgravity chair which allows them to move in a frictionless environment.


Other Exciting Experiences

Looking to complete your astronaut training? The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has plenty more exciting attractions for you to check out, including:

  • Astronaut Training Simulators – Train like an astronaut in the essential functions of space shuttle flight with high-tech simulators inside Space Shuttle Atlantis®.
  • ISS Triumph of Technology – Experience life in space aboard the International Space Station, including how to sleep, eat, exercise and function like an astronaut.
  • Cosmic Quest – This live action gaming experience in the galaxy features real NASA missions. Visitors can launch a rocket, redirect an asteroid, build a Martian habitat, and perform scientific experiments aboard the International Space Station.


Be sure to stay updated with the exciting new attractions coming to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex so you can be the first to train for life on Mars. Plus, get ready for upcoming launches by clicking here.